Dosing Accessories

The Roejen MechMate Brand of equipment extends to Acid/CO2 supply systems.

About Dosing Accessories

Roejen can supply a range of accessories for dosing systems:

  • Injectors : Withdrawable with safety lanyard or Static. Both with 1 bar, sprung non return valve and manufactured from PVC. Suits most hose sizes
  • Anti-siphon valves: Either as external pressure loading valve or 5 function valve mounted directly to pump. Suits most hose sizes
  • Foot Valves: Either floating or pipe mount. Optional level switch. Counter weighted
  • Pressure Loading Valves: PVC with Teflon diaphragm and fully adjustable pressure setting. Can be used as pressure loading or pressure relief.
  • Hoses : Polyethylene and PVC hoses to suit most dosing pumps and fittings
  • Wet end kits: Wet end kits to suit most dosing pump brands including Prominent, Grundfos, Pulsarfeeder and LMI
  • Sample Cells :to suit most common electrodes. Either the Generic Roejen System or units from Prominent, Strantrol/Siemens/Wallace and Tiernan, or Chemtrol
  • Electrodes: Roejen will supply most common electrodes. These include :PH, ORP, FAC and Total Chlorine, Temperature, Bromine, Ozone.