North Melbourne Aquatic Centre Backwash Recovery System

Project Info

Client North Melbourne Aquatic Centre

Project Description

June 2011.

Roejen was asked to install a backwash recovery plant at North Melbourne Aquatic Centre in 2011.

The site is owned and operated by the City of Melbourne.

The site has a 25 metre pool and a leisure pool. The site utilises Chlorine as the residual disinfection system. The disinfection platform is a Prominent system.

Roejen installed a state of the art MechMate backwash recycle plant which recovers the backwash water and supplies it to the local irrigation system.

The system will be networked in the future to the new plant Automation platform to be installed.

The following equipment is controlled:

  • Circulation pump
  • UV systems
  • Filters

The system will also utilise the Web Serving Functions and Email functions of the platform so the operators can remotely monitor the system.